August 26-27,2020, smart warehouse information was invited to attend SMTA south China high-tech semi


SMTA south China high-tech seminar was held on the spot of Nepcon in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 26 to 27,2020.

The two-day conference, involving many hot topics, gathering many well-known enterprises, electronics industry colleagues to bring a technical feast!

Dongguan Smart Warehouse Information Technology Co. , Ltd. as a typical representative of SMT intelligent logistics, was invited to participate in this seminar.

General Manager Yang Yulei delivered the keynote speech "how to break the situation of intelligent logistics in the future factory" , in which he once again shared new ideas of intelligent logistics and new forms of intelligent manufacturing logistics, and addressed the current problems of intelligent warehousing, combined with the three-dimensional solution of smart warehouse SMT intelligent storage, from multiple dimensions of analysis and break!

Smart Warehuose "from the sky" innovative products fast, high flexibility, goods to find people, large capacity, error-proof, High cost-performance, information, is very conducive to the large-scale application of SMT intelligent storage, fundamentally solve the industry has been concerned about the problem has not been solved over the years, coupled with General Yang's speech points clear, direct pain, dye people in the heart, strong resonance of the audience.

After the meeting, the organizer on behalf of Ms. Liu Ting and General Yang to take a photo, the seminar concluded successfully!

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