Smart warehouse contribute to the 51st Hangzhou CEIA Summ


On September 10, 2020, the 51st CEIAhigh end forum will be held in Crowne Plaza Hangzhou. This forum is mainly about the technical discussion with the theme of "walking in the digital cloud, focusing on Hangzhou intelligent manufacturing".


More than 100 enterprises from the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry and more than 30 well-known brand manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad gathered in Hangzhou.           

Among them, think tank information, as the innovation representative of SMT intelligent warehousing industry, was also invited to participate in the forum.


This conference focused on the industrial cloud, focused on intelligent manufacturing, and made wonderful topic sharing among experts in various fields of industry university research.


In the exhibition area, the East China sales team of think tank showed and shared the innovative products of smart warehouse and the overall solutions of SMT intelligent warehouse line side warehouse, online warehouse and main warehouse, attracting people to watch and exchange in-depth.


Following the trend of the times, smart warehouse have contributed unique value and strength to the development of China's electronic manufacturing in the context of the vigorous development of intelligent manufacturing and the sparks of learning and exchange at CEIA Summit Forum.           

In the future, smart warehouse will continue to aim at the international frontier, deeply tap the market demand, continuously launch competitive products through technological innovation, and provide customers with better solutions.