On November 27, 2020, smart warehouse will meet with you to discuss the new technology of sbstc step



Dear colleagues in the industry, Hello!           

         Dongguan smart warehouse Information Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to participate in the Huizhou step by step new technology seminar hosted by SMT China surface assembly technology magazine from 9:00 to 17:00 on November 27.This conference will focus on the "smart factory modernization transformation and reliability improvement program" in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. The audience can listen to the wonderful speeches, zero distance observation and discuss the latest technology and products from the lecturers of famous enterprises at home and abroad. During the meeting, you can also interact with our technical consultants face to face to get the understanding of the industry issues you are most concerned about.   The epidemic has brought great impact on China's manufacturing industry, but it also breeds new opportunities. In 2020, the seventh new technology seminar will be held in Huizhou, an important town in eastern Guangdong, to promote the diversified development of advanced intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading and industrial structure adjustment in Huizhou and eastern Guangdong, and help local factories realize independent decision-making. At that time, technicians from Huizhou and the Pearl River Delta will gather together to focus on intelligent manufacturing and share open innovation. You are sincerely invited to join us!



   上午   09:10-09:35

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Smartwarehouse, Focus on electronic manufacturing intelligent warehouse, committed to helping electronic manufacturing enterprises with high logistics warehousing efficiency and efficiency. It provides intelligent warehouse management software and high-end warehouse equipment and supporting services for enterprises. It is a technology-based enterprise integrating software development, equipment R & D, production, sales and service.           

The company's products have been successfully applied in intelligent manufacturing projects of many SMT enterprises, such as Renbao, AMD, Xiaomi, Haier, xinwanda, Xingyu, memory technology, etc.           

Smartwarehouse, adhering to the spirit of "innovation and progress, the pursuit of excellence", constantly dig customer needs, through technological innovation and scientific and effective management system, to provide customers with high quality products and perfect service!   Inject strong power into electronic manufacturing enterprises! Contribute to China intelligent manufacturing 2025

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SMT intelligent storage system, including line side warehouse, online warehouse, central warehouse, etc., has the advantages of high flexibility, high efficiency, large capacity, error proofing, high cost performance, etc.

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